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Connect your HubSpot account to manage your partner pipeline and sync leads.

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The HubSpot integration for Partner Fleet powers your inbound partner acquisition process and allows you to send leads generated from your marketplace into HubSpot so your teams can take action through their normal day-to-day workflows. 

How it Works

HubSpot Sales Hub customers who have the integrations package with Partner Fleet will:
  1. Decide which objects to create within HubSpot
  2. Meet with Partner Fleet team to enable object creation and map fields
  3. Set up all Calls-To-Action on the marketplace that will push to HubSpot
  4. Work your leads and partner pipeline from your CRM! 

Integration Diagrams


HubSpot Leads

HubSpot Leads

HubSpot Accounts

HubSpot Accounts


Lead forms

Lead forms

Partner Applications

Partner Applications


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