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Ship every native integration your users want, 7x faster, and promote them with Partnerfleet.

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Paragon is an embedded iPaaS that R&D teams rely on to develop, ship, and maintain native integrations for their apps faster with a fraction of the engineering.

With pre-built connectors to over a hundred 3rd party applications, full API parity, and the ability to build custom integrations, B2B SaaS companies are shipping their entire integration roadmap on Paragon.

Today, 100+ engineering teams at B2B SaaS companies, from startups to enterprises, use Paragon's SDK & platform to deliver seamless, white-labeled, integrations to their users.


Fully Managed Authentication

Paragon manages your users' 3rd party app credentials, and ensures tokens are valid and refreshed so you don't have to.

Pre-built Connectors

Skip the API docs and use Paragon's pre-built abstractions/webhooks of 3rd party APIs to define the integration business logic you need, without worrying about integration maintenance or 3rd party breaking changes.

Custom Integration Builder

Integrate your app with any 3rd party API, even if it's not supported natively in Paragon. Build custom connectors and get all the benefits of Paragon.

Monitoring & Observability

Easily debug and analyze integration usage, with highly observable error logs, user-centric dashboards, and a Task History API.


The only embedded iPaaS with Release Environments and robust integration versioning. Deploy integrations reliably and safely with dedicated Dev, Staging, and Production environments, and a Diff that warns you when breaking changes are introduced.


Author robust and scalable integrations with our extensible workflow builder. With managed webhooks, abstractions over the 3rd party APIs, custom functions, and many other tools, any use case you need to build can be implemented in Paragon.


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