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PingPilot for Partner Fleet

Co-Sell in your marketplace in realtime from Slack or Teams

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By adding PingPilot to your Owned Marketplace(PartnerFleet of course), Earned Marketplaces (3rd party listings), and Hyperscaler Marketplaces, you create a conversational partner ecosystem that delivers the same experience no matter what "door" your customer walks into.

The integration supports most all communication channels:
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Voice/Phone
  • Video
  • Screensharing
  • Scheduling (integrates with Calendly and Chilipiper)

How it Works

  1. Activate PingPilot integration
  2. Invite your partners to co-sell in your marketplace listing with you
  3. Add PingPilot's Slack or Teams integration
  4. Co-Sell in realtime right inside Slack or Teams!

Integration Diagrams

This integation is white glove and is activated directly by PartnerFleet. Ping us to get an implementation going.








Think of PingHubs as a landing page for contacting the right people in your partner ecosystem. They hold all of your routing, branding, schedule, channel availability, and other business logic.


Anywhere you can put a button or link, you can one-click to the right people in your partner ecosystem. These work great for hyperscaler marketplaces as well as 3rd party marketplaces that don't support widgets. 

PingWidget SDK

With our Widget SDK, your PingHubs integrate in to any web or native app. This is our go-to implementation method for owned marketplaces, like your PartnerFleet marektplace, pages on your website or inside mobile apps. 


Anywhere you can scan a QR code, you can get the right person in your ecosystem.



  • Serenity Gibbons image

    Serenity Gibbons

    …a tool that’s taking the modern customer experience and running with it is PingPilot…businesses move over and give consumers the keys to the car, as well as the wheel
  • Cody Sunkel image

    Cody Sunkel
    Co-Founder & VP of Growth at Partner Fleet

    The ability to initiate co-sell motions straight from marketplaces using the systems and channels that reps live in every day, such as Slack and Teams, is a huge game changer for generating net new revenue through partner ecosystems. Thanks for the awesome collab and pumped to bring this to market.
  • Eddie Patzsch image

    Eddie Patzsch
    Co-Founder at

    Innovative! Nice work!


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