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Bring your partner listings to life by adding interactive demos to your profile, with the help of the most intuitive demo automation platform.

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ISV/Tech Partners


As a Partner Fleet powered marketplace, enable your partners to add free interactive demos to their profiles and help them drive more conversions. 
When your users actually interact with your partners’ demos (rather than just watching videos) they’ll have much more clarity of how the integrations could help them do their job effortlessly. 

How it Works

Step 1: Partner Fleet customers can invite their partners to first signup on Storylane with a single click to create the interactive demo of how their integration can prove effective for your users. 
Step 2: Copy the demo URL and paste it in the Partner Fleet interactive demo field to add the demo to your listing.


A very user-friendly dashboard

A no-code easy to use editor where you can build your demos within minutes and even update them on the go with new features (without recreating them).

Multi-flow demos

Build multiple flows inside the same demo to let users pick and choose their preferred use cases that they want to explore, without overwhelming them. 

Custom Branding and White-labeling

White-label and customize your demos with your company logo, favicon, subdomain and even your own brand colors.

Powerful Analytics that’s easy to consume

See how your demos are performing by looking at the engagement patterns of the viewers. Get insights on the viewers, drop-off points, completion %, time spent at each step, and much more. 

Interactive Demos

  • Storylane Demo
    Storylane Demo

    Buyers expect a “show, don’t tell” approach in this product-led era. Hence, an interactive demo that can handhold your buyers throughout the product journey and build a much deeper engagement experience with them, will go a long way in improving your conversions.

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  • Matt Weisberg
    Director of Solutions @ Upland Software

    Storylane has helped us save considerably on both time and costs. We have seen a massive uptick in leads captured from our website embedded product tour as well as from our deal conversions, since we started using the tool.
  • Matt Slotten
    Ex-Director of Technical Marketing @ Nutanix

    StoryLane is intuitive, powerful, and easy to use platform. Their tech replicates real product giving it true look and feel experience!
  • Michael Hadjipourou
    Global Lifecycle Marketing Lead @ Ignition

    Storylane fits in perfectly with how we want to nurture our customers and optimize our funnel. We knew it would be really insightful for people to be able to see the product without necessarily jumping on a demo or having a free trial. The results have been incredible.


ISV/Tech Partners